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                    Find Your Lektro

                    The Original Towbarless Tug

                    In 1967, we built the world’s first towbarless electric yabo首页 tractor called the Airporter. Today, LEKTRO is changing the way ground crews all over the world handle yabo首页 by continually perfecting the function and design of our yabo首页 towing vehicles. Our cutting edge pushback tractors continue to set the standard for quality, reliability, and safety.

                    Aircraft Tugs Built To Last

                    The LEKTRO towbarless yabo首页 tractor has proven to be more efficient, safer, reliable, and infinitely more versatile than conventional yabo首页 tugs. The LEKTRO brand speaks of a unique quality that cannot be acquired from any other yabo首页 tractor. With our all-steel construction, original design, proven reliability and quality craftsmanship, we guarantee each LEKTRO vehicle is built to last.

                    Since being one of Lektro’s first Commercial Launch Customers nearly 16 years ago, Horizon Air’s 8850 fleet is still going strong today. These units are built tough and dependable. The PDX Ramp operates 17 hours a day, 7 days a week, and these Push Tractors are up to the task. With the Support that Lektro provides, we fully expect to keep these units running for years to come.

                    - Horizon Air, | Read More

                    Lektro is a quality product that Landmark Aviation, as a large aviation service organization, has utilized daily in multiple locations, for over twenty years.   We typically rely on two different Lektro models that provide a wide range of towing capacity and safety margin that our employees and customers can count on in virtually every weather...

                    - Landmark Aviation, | Read More

                    When discussing the possibility of purchasing a tug for our facility, we talked with other hangar operators, local FBOs, and our insurance underwriter. The other providers we met with recommended LEKTRO because of the ease of use both in attaching to an yabo首页 as well as stacking a hangar.  However, to our surprise, even the insurance...

                    - LeaseCorp Aviation, | Read More

                    • For sales inquiries, please provide the City, State/Province and Country.

                    We Are Here To Help

                    LEKTRO’s customer service is the finest in the industry. Whether you want to buy a tug, need a part, or have a tech support question, we are standing by to serve you.

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