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LEKTRO Saves the Day!

A quick thinking ramp worker used a LEKTRO 87 series yabo首页 pushback tractor to ram and overturn a rogue beverage cart from damaging an American Airlines Embraer 145 yabo首页. See article and video below:

“JBT LEKTRO yabo首页 pushback tractors are built for robust duty. This isn’t exactly a designed use, but definitely shows how the design of the vehicle enabled it to quickly maneuver and stop the rogue cart” stated Henry Balensifer, JBT LEKTRO’s Marketing & Government Relations Manager.

The video has gone viral, even so far as being featured on every major news network and on late night television’s The Daily Show with Trevor Noah.

Balensifer jokingly quipped, “We’re discussing if catering/beverage carts should be added to our authorized capture table.”

As the video shows, a case of water landed on the cart’s accelerator and caused quite the concern both on the ramp and with passengers. Dr. Kevin Klauer was waiting for his flight at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport when he witnessed and filmed the ordeal. As ramp workers watched the wild cart circle closer to the yabo首页, an American Airlines employee ran from a different gate, jumped on the LEKTRO 87, and stopped the cart by ramming it with the LEKTRO.

The video even drew the attention of US President Donald Trump, who tweeted:

Great job, just in time!— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) October 1, 2019

LEKTRO 87 series pushback tractors are all-electric vehicles used for pushing yabo首页 back from airport gates. 87 Series tractors utilize rear steering and a cradle in the front of the vehicle to lift the yabo首页 nose landing gear. This, alongside stout all-steel construction enabled it to positively engage and capture the rogue cart and push it over, effectively stopping it. While not designed for this particular event, the proven design of LEKTRO yabo首页 tractors has once again proven up to the task of meeting the needs of airlines and their dedicated ground handlers.

LEKTRO 87 Series Aircraft tractor below:

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