Great Circle Flight Services

This is just a note to tell you how happy I am with the purchase of the LEKTRO AP88 tug from you. As you know I had purchased a large FBO in Anchorage who had two large diesel tugs and an AP87, all were older and well worn. I needed new tugs for the operation we had planned, our competitors we using Eagle all wheel drive models, they were the smaller Eagles which they chained up in the winter. I really didn’t want to chain up due to the damage to the hangar floor so I began to research. I contacted Eagle and they recommended the Eagle 12 six wheel all wheel drive. I called you and you thought the AP 88 series would be ideal, but I was skeptical that your tug could match the stability and sheer pulling power on our iced up ramp. I came down for a test drive and bought the AP88, I  also bought an Eagle 12, still not believing the LEKTRO could handle the ice with a large corporate yabo首页 attached … man, was I wrong!!!

That summer we used the Eagle for ramp work and the LEKTRO was regulated to the hangar due to its vastly superior maneuverability and simplicity of operation in tight quarters. Well that first winter was really icy and one night a brand new Gulfstream 550 was doing a quick turn and then on delivery in Russia. They couldn’t get clearance to Russian and would have to be towed into the hangar. They were out 1,000 yards in a de-icing area downhill from the ramp and it was all wet ice … 32 degrees and 25-35 knots of gusting warm wind. We sent the Eagle out, hooked up the tow bar, and began to move the plane. Once it got onto our ramp, the wind blew the plane and the tug 15 feet off the line. I told them to stop–the last thing I wanted was to have a 50 million dollar yabo首页 slide off the ramp in a windstorm. My ramper sanded the area around the tug which helped, but the yabo首页 was still moving around behind the tug. I put a stop to the whole operation and said lets try the LEKTRO. Its tires were well siped and with the weight transfer to the drive wheel and no tow bar, I thought we would be much better off. Well it was like the cavalry coming to the rescue. We drove the LEKTRO out onto the wet ice and came up under that 550, hoisted her up and just drove off, no muss no fuss. We were amazed! That tug is incredible. It will out pull anything in icy and snow PERIOD. It is easy to operate and offers greater control than a tow bar and much greater control.

If anyone questions the usability and superiority of the LEKTRO, tell them to call me!

Quest Aircraft

I have used a lot of various tugs during my 25 year career, and the LEKTRO tugs are the best I’ve used. They are very easy to operate, very well constructed and being all electric–the fuel savings will pay for the tug. Thank you for building such a great yabo首页 tug!

Vail Valley Jet Center

We purchased our first LEKTRO in 1998 and our 5th LEKTRO in 2015. Our FBO is located high in the Rocky Mountains and we move thousands of yabo首页 every year in some of the worst winter weather. We hit negative temperatures for weeks on end and when the tugs won’t start, the LEKTROs always work. Also, a big issue is storage space and the LEKTRO has a much smaller footprint than equivalent units so it is easy to setup multiple charging stations and not lose real estate. Our units have been extremely reliable and any issues that have come up LEKTRO has taken care of us quickly so we experience minimal downtime. Thank you all for building an amazing product!

Puget Sound Energy

Thirty years ago Puget Sound Energy bought a 1985 Kingair to maximize employee productivity.  We ditched our tug and tow bar for a bright red LEKTRO.

Our LEKTRO is about as maintenance free as a tug can be.  We’re beginning the fourth set of batteries, the second set of tires, and top-up the water quarterly. That’s it!  Really!  That’s all!  …and it ALWAYS works!

So thirty happy years with one LEKTRO and one Kingair, it could be a Guinness World Record!

Mosaic Edge, LLC

When it’s 5am and there is a list of pull out requests from our base customers, their schedules, passengers and flight plans cannot wait while our old school tug decides whether to start or not.  Having two Lektro tugs at our disposal, knowing that either one of them will do the job of emptying a single hangar in a matter of minutes, relieves any stress on the line technician, the customer and their passengers.  Knowing that their airplane, be it a C-172 or a G-650 will be towed correctly, safely and more importantly, smoothly without any undo stress on the nose gear is paramount.  Fast and easy hookup to any type of yabo首页 can be achieved with a Lektro Tug.  During my tenure at Orlando Executive, I’ve moved thousands of yabo首页 from a Cirrus to a B-737.

Years later, the need arose for me to clear out another hangar after I had not been on a tug for years.  Lucky for me, the only tug available was a Lektro.  Everything fell back into place like it was yesterday, not skipping a beat on a single type of yabo首页, large or small, job done.

Dependability is what is required at an FBO.  If you cannot offer dependability be it with your tugs, personnel, GPU’s, or your fuel trucks, you will suffer and lose business.  Keeping your ramp clean, clear and organized is what the customer sees first when taxiing into your FBO.  Chances are, if the first impression is good, they will be a repeat customer knowing their investment of an yabo首页 is in safe hands with the tried, trusted, proven design of the Lektro tug, which I stand behind firmly.

LeaseCorp Aviation

When discussing the possibility of purchasing a tug for our facility, we talked with other hangar operators, local FBOs, and our insurance underwriter. The other providers we met with recommended LEKTRO because of the ease of use both in attaching to an yabo首页 as well as stacking a hangar.  However, to our surprise, even the insurance company had an opinion. They suggested we look into a LEKTRO because of the history of safety.   From the day it arrived, the LEKTRO has become part of our daily operation and given us the ability to provide timely, safe, and reliable service to our tenants.


When me and my wife started Bestfly in 2009, we inherited an old standup unit bought in 2003 by an old Angolan regional airline. Since we were starting, this gift was a blessing, as we were the only VIP ground handling company in the country with its own tug. With that “little” machine we were able to tow big Globals and Gulfstreams. Even when we weren’t sure, this was the only machine available at that time so the job had to be done and the “little” LEKTRO never let us down. Today, we are now proud owners of 5 LEKTROs and bear in mind we still have our “little” LEKTRO that keeps going and going and going… We operate in the harshest possible environment in the middle of Angola–SW Africa! All our LEKTRO tugs have systematically exceeded our expectations.

Landmark Aviation

Lektro is a quality product that Landmark Aviation, as a large aviation service organization, has utilized daily in multiple locations, for over twenty years.   We typically rely on two different Lektro models that provide a wide range of towing capacity and safety margin that our employees and customers can count on in virtually every weather condition.  We continue to purchase them because of the reliability of both the product and the service backing it. We look forward to a continued partnership with Lektro.

Skinner Aviation

Skinner Aviation purchased a used LEKTRO at Boeing Field in 1994. Since then, it has seen daily use at the Ashland Municipal Airport in Oregon….keep in mind this unit was built in 1967. It can still pull a King Air 200 the length of the airport. If this Airporter is testimony to the quality and serviceability of LEKTRO’s current production models, I can not see reason to look any further.

Horizon Air

Since being one of Lektro’s first Commercial Launch Customers nearly 16 years ago, Horizon Air’s 8850 fleet is still going strong today. These units are built tough and dependable. The PDX Ramp operates 17 hours a day, 7 days a week, and these Push Tractors are up to the task. With the Support that Lektro provides, we fully expect to keep these units running for years to come.

We Are Here To Help

LEKTRO’s customer service is the finest in the industry. Whether you want to buy a tug, need a part, or have a tech support question, we are standing by to serve you.